SK Face Shield 9.5"

  • SK Face Shield 9.5"

Necessity is the mother of invention and of ShabbyKnapsack...

* Can be worn with FULL face coverage or LOW on the face according to your needs. (Photos with glare are on purpose so you are able to more easily see the coverage)
*5 ML high quality durable plastic
*SK Shield has one 3" slide making the mask more ajustable to even fit my 6 year old (slides out from and then back to face)
*Completely FOG FREE coating (even after 4 hours working in the hot sweaty garage and out in the 90°weather, it never fogged up in the least)
*Two sizes: height Tall 9.5" or Short 7" is what I am demontrating in the photos.
*Most comfortable I've found by far!
*Can be worn multiple ways for protection and comfort.
*Pleanty of room! Easy to comfortably wear with a cloth mask.
*Easy to eat when in the slid out position.
* The list goes on... (I love trouble shooting) 😁
* I can do this! 🤣... We can do this!!!

Will be available soon for purchase (you can private message me for more information)

Update: I will have these listed on my website by Friday (June 26th)!
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