Shabby WHO?

ShabbyKnapsack.  It's just a name.  No wait.  It's not just a name.

ShabbyKnapsack is . . .

ShabbyKnapsack is . . . handmade, one-of-a-kind, shabby chic designs.

ShabbyKnapsack is . . . new life for "past life" clothing.

ShabbyKnapsack is . . . guaranteed for life . . . this life.

ShabbyKnapsack is . . . a small business.  

As a small business, ShabbyKnapsack cannot provide returns.*  But don't fret.  Not only are ShabbyKnapsack products guaranteed for life, but they are also guaranteed for alteration and exchange.  

Now, the exchanges must be arranged within one year after purchase.  Just let us know, within the first year after purchase, that you'd like to make an exchange and, however long you take to decide after that, the worth of your purchase is good with us (so long as the garment is returned within that first year).  

As for alterations, no matter how long after purchase, we will always be happy to make any size adjustments to your garment, however many times it might be needed.  (We're familiar with the human body . . . and the human spirit.  We deal with it too.)  Just tell us what you need, whenever you need it, and we'll make it happen.  

All of that being said, we're here for you.  We want you to like us, so if these options aren't working for you, just talk to us.  We'll do our best to find a happy solution.  

So, in sum:

Guaranteed for life.

Exchangeable for life.

Alterable for life.

And always here for you.


Not too shabby.


* What do we mean?  ShabbyKnapsack sells handmade original designs.  In any given weekend at Portland Saturday Market, we have available for purchase only a very limited number of these pieces of wearable art.  When a piece is purchased, it is no longer available for sale, limiting even further the number of designs available for purchase in the ShabbyKnapsack gallery.  This being the case, put simply, when Customer A purchases what Customers B and C would have purchased (had it not been purchased first by Customer A), ShabbyKnapsack cannot afford to give Customer A a refund once Customers B and C have left the gallery.  This cold, hard, small (handmade) business fact is one reason why our policy is so generous in every other respect.  We hope you understand our precarious position.